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Learn & Play Nature Discovery

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Weekly Session

Weekend Mornings
In April & May
For kids age 3-7 & their caregivers
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About the program

High Park
Program Session Dates

In this program, facilitators guide a play-based group for kids and their caregiver, activities focus on building skills and confidence promoting discovery and independent play. Add skills to your parenting toolbox, support social development, see children make friends, build confidence, and discover the wonders of the natural environment and their own imagination. With guidance adult participants grow skills in supporting children's inquiry-driven play and managing risk, safely. Learning how to assess hazards, and help children navigate psychosocial dynamics and experiential learning. Participants will explore the natural landscape, learn, and make discoveries together. Building physical autonomy and community with cooperative games & activities; this program aims to deepen social & emotional connections; build empathy; enrich children's cognitive development; provide respite from the pressures of modern life, and opportunities for learning & practicing mindfulness, & self regulation. Participants will learn about local fora and fauna, experience basic bushcraft, and use natural and found materials creatively. All while having fun outside! Activities & Skills in this program: extended outdoor play

explore natural materials

cooperative games

basic bushcraft

physical fitness

mindfulness & self-regulation outdoor risk management

psychosocial development

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Jessica Shepherd

Jessica Shepherd

Jessica is a trained artist, educator, facilitator, food enthusiast, and parent of two. Since 2008 she has been providing children with safe, fun and enriching experiences in her home and community. She loves making messes and experimenting with art, gardening, cooking, and spends her free time camping and adventuring outdoors. Taking cues from Positive Parenting, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication, Jessica has developed educational support & curriculum content, & hands-on kids programming for organizations including the Education department of the AGO, Ontario Museum of Archeology, The Children's Storefront (EarlyON), Essential Skills Advantage, The Canadian Homeschooler, Native Child & Family Services Toronto.

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