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Child Nature Connect


Play. Learn. Connect. Grow

Child Nature Connect provides opportunities for city kids and their parents & caregivers to get outside, connect with the nature, learn & have fun. Caregiver, Family & Kids Programs provided year round. Parenting Support, courses, workshops & playgroups in Toronto's parks, green spaces, & near urban environments.

Building Connections



We spend time with little ones on the land, to provide children, their parents & caregivers with experiential learning opportunities to: enrich cognitive development; build empathy; deepen social & emotional connections; provide respite from the pressures of modern life; and provide strategies to support families in their learning  journey. 

When we understand children's behaviour as acting out of their needs, we can respond with compassion.The more directly we can connect feelings and needs the easier it is for others to respond compassionately. This is the basis of Non-Violent Communication and it along with Positive Parenting & Mindfulness Parenting, are the principles upon which we base our work.

Parenting & Caregiver Support

The process by which we become better caregivers begins with a desire to create the best foundation for our children, and an understanding that this happens inside a supportive community. We learn together and through trial and error, every experience is a learning opportunity. Not all strategies will work for every parent, caregiver, or child, and often a strategy that worked one day will require a new approach the next. We provide opportunities to connect with each other and the world around us.

We meet parents where they are and recognize parenting as a journey where success will look different for each individual & family.


We believe that responding to children & adults needs compassionately will support learning,  build empathy and provide opportunities for meaningful connection. 

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Childrens Programming

Programming is play focused. We let children’s interest’s guide our days and how we learn, we slow things down or speed them up according to mood, personality, interest, and age. 

We believe in creating a social community in which our little people may interact safely, facilitating meaningful connections and in-depth experiences.  It is our sincere belief that engaging with one another and the place we live in this way encourages children to be creative, confident and respectful of others with knowledge of the importance of empathy, diversity and a belief in human rights & social justice.

With us, little ones spend time connecting with their natural environment; whether that be in the park, a local green space, wooded area, beachfront or backyard. We encourage child-directed play; learn problem solving through play and hands on activities, little ones master new ideas and social skills experientially. In Childcare, we take a community driven approach, allowing your children to explore their world within the surrounding neighbourhoods, adding local drop-in programming to our day.

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