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Caregiver Consulting & Support

Focus Areas

Managing Behaviour
& Big Emotions

Children are not giving us a hard time,
they are having a hard time.

Tips for guiding kids through life with ways to express themselves that are appropriate and productive. 

Rest, Respite,
& Sleep

Unwind, take a break, and explore strategies to improve sleep & downtime for the whole family.

Building Routines, 
​Milestones & 

Developmentally & age appropriate routines built for your family,  
create a routine for your infant, get school ready, when to toilet train, & other milestones with parenting "tips"

Connection, Bonding 
& Infant Care

Spend quality time with your

child, learning together, gaining parenting skills, emotionally connecting having fun.

"Risky" Play &
Land Based Learning 

Spending time outside is good for physical and mental health. Kids build physical autonomy and confidence, by pushing their physical limits with the guidance & supervision of trusted adults.

Nutrition, Food, Eating
& What's in Between

Mealtime isn't just about eating,  spending time together & learning about our foods can be a landscape to enjoy. Discover, grow, eat, cook, & learn about plants & animals.

Consulting & 
Customized Programs 

Talk to us about :

  • program & curriculum development for organizations

  • personalized caregiver & parenting plans

  • workshops

  • personalized support 

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