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Children's Programming


Land-based Play

Our projects, and explorations are lead by children’s interests and curiosities as we aim to take advantage of all the community & neighborhood has to offer –whether chasing squirrels in the park; playing in the snow; stomping ice, mud or puddles; excavating in the sand pit; navigating through the woods; splashing through water; visiting a tumble-gym; having circle time;  attending outdoor theatre & music; growing, picking, or selecting a snack at the farmers market.  Lessons emerge from our environment & experiences.

 Experiential Learning

A “free play” philosophy
We actively practice being "quiet adults" to allow the children to engage in self-directed play. When we see the little ones becoming immersed in imaginative play we remove ourselves and observe quietly, supervising without interrupting. We respect their autonomy and choices by remaining on the periphery.  We support “risky" play having modeled safe boundaries & limits to teach risk assessment; we only intervene when safety or specific needs must be addressed. We respond to requests, but only what is asked for, not more. We neither direct, adjust, nor praise the game/play until it has come to a natural conclusion. Children will often draw on learned strategies to problem solve and resolve disputes without adult interference. 


School Readiness

We aim to teach the little ones in our care how to navigate through life by giving them the best beginning; building their skills, confidence, and independence; Having fun, getting messy, and learning through experiencing the world around us.

Activities are varied and play based, any activities and materials have been chosen to provide discovery opportunities through play. With emergent learning we develop: basic concepts, such as letters, numbers, colours, shapes; social skills; and school readiness. We are outside in all sorts of weather; learning together, builsding skills & resiliency.

Cultivating Curiosity

Little ones are encouraged to enjoy, experiment with, and learn about food, animals and ecosystems through gardening, shopping for food, creating meals, and contributing to menus.  We operate like a large family, discovering, learning, and navigating our days together. A great deal can be learned from our environment, our communities, and our neighbours. 

Curiosity and discovery drive our inquiry focused learning. Children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and take their time. 

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